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Psalms 43-44: A Blueprint for Times of Depression

As a deer[c] longs[d] for streams of water,so I long[e] for you, O God!2 I thirst[f] for God,for the living God.I say,[g] “When will I be able to go and appear in God’s presence?”[h]3 I cannot eat; I weep day and night.[i]All day long they say to me,[j] “Where is your God?”4 I will remember and weep.[k]For I was once walking along with the […]

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Dios Te Conforta en Tiempos de Crisis – 1 Reyes 18

La Biblia es un libro realista. Nos muestra el lado humano de cada persona, aun aquellos que sirven a Dios. Elías, el profeta es en uno de ellos. Elías era un profeta del cual leemos en el Antiguo Testamento. Elías (Jehová es mi Dios) vivió en los años 874-852 a. C. Es uno de los […]

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Learning From Pilgrim’s Progress: Help with Discouragement & Depression

Jan 3rd 2014 Discouragement or despair is common in the Christian faith. Many great men have suffered from episodic depression (see here) which caused them to despair and yet were not defeated by it. It is a giant for many of us, including myself. Pilgrim’s Progress deals with this. Hopeful and Christian travel to the […]

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