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Learning From Pilgrim’s Progress: Help with Discouragement & Depression

Jan 3rd 2014 Discouragement or despair is common in the Christian faith. Many great men have suffered from episodic depression (see here) which caused them to despair and yet were not defeated by it. It is a giant for many of us, including myself. Pilgrim’s Progress deals with this. Hopeful and Christian travel to the […]

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Learning From Pilgrim’s Progress: How Are We Saved

As Christians we believe in the afterlife. Death isn’t the end. We don’t believe in reincarnation or any other idea of wondering spirits. We do believe that a person can be saved from a life of sin and future damnation through Christ. How does this happen? Is it automatic? Are there specific things to do? […]

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Learning From Pilgrim’s Progress: Who is a Christian?

As I wrote before, I am reading Pilgrim’s Progress. A book that at one time was the second most read apart from the Bible. A book written by a man who had just elementary education. Yet, this man, while in jail for preaching as a “protestant” or “dissenter” in England, wrote a timeless allegory of […]

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Pilgrim’s Progress: Resources

Here are some resources on Pilgrim’s Progress: Books: A good classic standard edition of it (Oxford World’s Classics) Banner of Truth edition. Considered a really good edition. Retold in modern language. A newer retelling with great illustrations. It has notes and explanations at the end of the book. Only part 1. Online original free version […]

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Learning from Pilgrim’s Progress: Talking Without The Walking

I am reading through Pilgrim’s Progress and learning a lot from it. In this section, Christian is talking to Faith about  a man called “Talkative.”  This man is all talk but no walk as far as Christianity is concerned. Here is what Christian says about him:  “Deceived! you may be sure of it; remember the […]

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Learning from Pilgrim’s Progress: In The Grip of His Grace

Reading Pilgrim’s Progress is very instructive for me and for any Christian. A part about grace called my attention today. It involved Interpreter showing Christian excellent and profitable things. He leads him through a room where there is a fire strongly burning even though there is a man is in the back that continues to […]

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