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I worked  in several Districts and schools for over 12 years and over the years I created an educational page for my students, parents and other teachers that could be helpful for teaching. This page was originally geocities which was closed. It has been archived here but it is not updated. I have revived this paged after getting an email from a parent that found it useful. Hopefully, it can continue to be useful. I have updated as much as possible. As time goes by I will continue to check links and perhaps add new.

I love reading (see my list below) and learning in general.  I love computers (Macs but I also work with PCs), blogging, technology, buying books for my collection which I catalogue at Library Thing (there is a search engine on top of this page to look for titles I own and at the end of this page a random sample of my books) and surfing the internet learning about a wide range of topics and issues. I enjoy running. I have ran five marathons. So far, I am running an average of  about 3 miles a day, six days a week.

For Children Only  


 Math Practice (with videos from Khan Academy)

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Problem Solving – More challenge problems here

– Math for Right & Left Brain! (limited, subscription site)

– Multiplication Explorer

– Cool Math for Kids

Math Games

A Teacher’s place to review Everyday Math Lessons (4th Grade)

More Homework Help or Practice Exercises

Kinder (LA, Math, Social Studies, Science)
1st Grade (LA, Math, Social Studies, Science)
2nd Grade(LA, Math, Social Studies, Science)
3rd Grade (LA, Math, Social Studies, Science)
4th Grade (LA, Math, Social Studies, Science)
5th Grade (LA, Math, Social Studies, Science)
6th Grade (LA, Math, Social Studies, Science)
7th Grade (LA, Math, Social Studies, Science)
8th Grade (LA, Math, Social  Studies, Science)

Math only
Kinder Math
1st Grade Math
2nd Grade Math
3rd Grade Math
4th Grade Math
5th Grade Math
6th Grade Math

Standardized Test Practice

Reading Comprehension (1st-8th)
Grade Level Skills (K-8th)

Reading/Language Arts:

Short Stories and Classic Literature

Children’s Storybooks Online

Support links for all Grades (all subjects) and more here

Readers Theatre and plays

Free Childrens ebooksBooks  here, here,here  Use your own judgment.

Here is a list of my children’s books in pdf format. Disclaimer: I haven’t read every book. Use your own judgment. You can read reviews on-line that can help you. All my books are catalogued here

Language Arts videos

Grammar Review (somewhat advanced)

Primary Grade Games
Kids connect

AR Books Seach


Six Trait Writing, More here

Scholastic Story Starters

Social Studies

Social Studies for Kids
The White House for Kids
World History: HyperHistory

Science & Health

The virtual Solar System
Cells Alive
Scientific Dictionary
National Geographic
Food and Nutrition

Brain Foods for Kids

Fun & Games

Fact Monster (a lot of information)
How to build a web site
Captain Underpants

Dictionaries & Reference Sites

One-Look Dictionary
Word Reference Dictionary (Spanish & other Languages)
Real Academia Dictionary
Dictionary.Com (Romance Language Dictionaries)
On-line Reference Desk
MLA Information (Purdue University)
APA Information (Purdue University)

How Stuff Works

For Teachers

My Bibliography for teachers

Some of My Favorite Children’s Books

Visit Library Thing where I have catalogued mosf of my books

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