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Review of “Bring the Distant Near”

This is a review of “You Bring the Distant Near” by my 11 year old daughter. The format with a snapshot of her writing is not ideal but nevertheless is readable and hers thoughts on it matter. This book deals with children from a different ethnic background which I have encouraged her to read more […]

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Becoming Learners of Cultures and Ethnicities

Being a Hispanic American, and having been part of two cultures and languages most of my life, I have learned a few things that can help us in relating to other cultures. These are simple things to keep in mind and practice to become intentional learners of other people’s cultures. 1. Be proactive in learning […]

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Ethnicity and Culture and My Identity

My ethnicity and my culture doesn’t define who I am. I don’t recall I have ever written publicly on this subject with the exception of writing a short biography many years ago when I was a teacher. But before I share my thoughts about that statement, here is a bit of my ethnic and cultural […]

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Jason and Edgar talking about Current Issue in US

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How Young People Can Change Their Culture

A Message for our young people during our “Youth Expo” This short message will focus on how young people can change the culture they live in. The way I am defining culture is the environment young people live, which includes what they see and hear through all sources of media. It also involves the values […]

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