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When it gets difficult to be a Christian – Psalm 73

This psalm has always been one of my favorites. I have shared similar thoughts. It was written by Asaph a worship leader in the temple. There are several psalms[1] that carry his authorship, and this is one of them. It begins by asserting that God is good to Israel and to those whose motives are […]

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Learning From Pilgrim’s Progress: Who is a Christian?

As I wrote before, I am reading Pilgrim’s Progress. A book that at one time was the second most read apart from the Bible. A book written by a man who had just elementary education. Yet, this man, while in jail for preaching as a “protestant” or “dissenter” in England, wrote a timeless allegory of […]

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When God Is Not Enough

Yesterday I posted about 1 Samuel 7 where Israel calls on Samuel because they want to follow God. They repent and get rid of their idols and serve the Lord. You would think this would last but the next chapter is a disappointment. In 1 Samuel 8, Israel takes a turn the wrong way.  The […]

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My Testimony – Age 16

This was a long time ago! I turn 41 today! It’s good to hear oneself, especially something so long ago to be reminded of our growth. So here is what I shared with the youth at Iglesia El Buen Pastor when I was 16. You will see at the end of the “live” testimony, I […]

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Jesus My Love

Here is a poem from “Poems For The Journey” Jesus My Loveby eig Oh Jesus, you are my first loveI wish that I wouldn’t only remember you as someone aboveBut that you are in my life, my only true loveI remember the day when you saved meI felt you so close and free as a […]

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Who I am by Misael Galdámez

Last night my son finished this college essay. We discussed how to write it and in the end he did quite good. There’s a lot I could say. But let him say it. Here it is: I have always loved ribs. From the first day my mom took out her recipe book and oven baked […]

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Closer to the truth: The X-Files meet God (sort of) or what the movie Knowing reveals about God, faith, Human Nature and the End of Mankind

My family and I just watched the movie Knowing. I don’t want to get into the plot and ruin the movie from anyone who hasn’t watched it. I don’t often recommend people watching a movie but this one is a must especially for those of the Christian faith. Instead I want to share some of […]

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The End of Evangelicalism

Up till now, I have been hesitant to speak about what I believe will happen to the Evangelical movement. Evangelicals are all of those who believe in certain essentials among the most important is the belief that salvation is by faith alone. I often refer them to as the Church. I have been a Christian […]

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