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Firmes en la Verdad

Comenzamos esta semana una serie titulada “Firmes en la Verdad”. Como creyentes, seguidores del Señor, hemos sido llamados a permanecer en su verdad. Nuestro Señor en su oración por sus discípulos en Juan 17 pidió al Padre, “Yo les he dado tu palabra; y el mundo los aborreció, porque no son del mundo, como tampoco […]

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God Regrets, Human Sinfulness And God’s Favor

I have been reading the book of Genesis. It is the book of beginnings, that’s what the word “Genesis” means. It comes directly from the first sentence in the Hebrew Bible: “In (the) beginning God created…” This book tells us about the beginning of creation including man and woman. But it also tells us the […]

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Thoughts on Genesis 9:18-29

Thoughts on Genesis 9:18-29 What caused Noah to get drunk? Did he get carried away? Was he experiencing distress? Many times complacency comes after a great experience and we become prone to temptation. Noah had a long history in his relationship with God yet he failed after such a high. It is hard to believe […]

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