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Honrando al Señor en el matrimonio: 1 Pedro 3:1-7

El matrimonio es diseño de Dios y es fundamental para la sociedad. Es la unidad más básica, que edifica o destruye a la sociedad. Sabemos que la sociedad no sigue los patrones de Dios y es de esperarse. Pero el creyente tiene la instrucción del Señor para como vivir dentro del matrimonio. Los cristianos hoy […]

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The Greatest Marriage Ever!

Saturday my son married a wonderful young lady. It was an amazing experience. I had the privilege of officiating the ceremony and it was such a privilege and joy at the same time. As a father, I am amazed what the Lord has done in his life in spite of my weaknesses. Of course, God […]

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It Took A Week To Decide Marrying You…After 20 yrs, I Would Do It Again

On Wednesday we reach a milestone in our marriage, our 20th year, and yet it feels like time has passed so fast.  Reflecting back on the journey, many things are different than when we started.  For the first time we are technically alone. Those of you that know our story know how we started. Both of our […]

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