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Dios nos llama a ir

Dios nos llama a ir Hace casi siete años, después de orar durante cuatro años y estar fuera del ministerio de tiempo completo al que estaba convencido de que no volvería de nuevo, Dios nos llamó a Tyler Texas para plantar un campus español. No tenía idea de cómo se vería, pero había estado viendo […]

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Pastor Jimmy Sandoval: Multiethnic ministry

Is this segment Pastor Jimmy Sandoval from Grace Community Santa Fe talks about multiethnic ministry and churches in the United States. Being an American born Hispanic he reflects on what we need to do to reflect our changing demographics.“The church should be ready to adapt to new cultural realities…” “Dominant culture need to understand that […]

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A Short Summary of A Future For The Latino Church

Recently I began to think and pray upon the possibility of planting a new church. A church for Hispanics whose most dominant language is English.  I grew up in a Spanish speaking church and consider myself a second generation Hispanic.  I am bicultural and biliterate. But as the years have passed I notice that I […]

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