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Primer Aniversario de Grace Español

Puede descargar el devocional del libro de hechos en nuestra página web aquí Visite nuestra página en las redes sociales: Twitter: @graceespanolty Instagram: graceespanoltyler Material is copyright by eigaldamez. Permission is given to re-post or reproduce without editing the content. Disclaimer: The contents of all personal web pages and blogs published are solely my responsibility. Statements made […]

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Learning from Pilgrim’s Progress: In The Grip of His Grace

Reading Pilgrim’s Progress is very instructive for me and for any Christian. A part about grace called my attention today. It involved Interpreter showing Christian excellent and profitable things. He leads him through a room where there is a fire strongly burning even though there is a man is in the back that continues to […]

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We don’t deserve it! It’s grace!

Our little boy likes to say “I don’t deserve it,” when he gets something like a treat. He started saying this especially when he has had a bad day. At one point he said he didn’t deserve to be alive. I reminded him that none of us do. At one time I pointed to Him […]

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Thoughts on the book of Jonah Ch. 1

I have been reading a book called Surprised by Grace: God’s Relentless Pursuit of Rebels. I came across it reading a review. It has led me to read, think and dialogue within me (and even with God) the book of Jonah. I will not be reviewing the author’s book, there are many out there. But […]

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